About Me

Sudhanshu Tiwari

I am an IT professional and amateur Nature & Wildlife photographer from Indore, India.

Since childhood I had a strong fascination towards nature. As a young boy, I was always interested in learning about animal behaviour, watched wildlife documentaries and to read wildlife magazines. By doing this I could understand the animal better, gaining many skills by observing their behaviours and the beauty.

Photography is my means to getting one step close to mother nature and share the wonderful moments I get to spend with nature and wild animals in their natural habitat, also tap into people’s emotions towards animals and inspire them to protect wildlife and its natural habitats.

As a responsible wildlife photographer, I capture my images as seen on the ground with the care of environment above any photograph.

Nature & Wildlife Photography has been a major part of my life. My work has been recognized in various National & International platforms such as National Geographic Traveller India, BBC Earth, Nature in Focus, Sanctuary Asia & Eye win International Photography awards etc.

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